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This band is awesome! Haim consists of three sisters; Este, Danielle and Alana. I think they give out a fun, rocker chick vibe that is contagious and sexy. Their sound is more of 70s-80s pop rock, which is fine by me, because i love nostalgia. Their voices harmonize well with each other. I love Danielle’s vocals, a deep raspy tone. Quite a refreshing change for my ears, which only listened to Ariana Grande these past weeks.

I think I have a thing for harmonized vocals. I love it!

This album has grown on me, and some songs that i didn’t really care about has become one of my favorite.

My fave tracks on the album: Falling, Forever, The Wire, Go Slow, Don’t Save Me.

So-so faves: If I Could Change Your Mind, Running If You Call My Name, Days Are Gone

Least favorites: Let Me Go, My Song 5, Honey & I


Gravity (2013)

On Friday, me and my lil bro went to KLCC to go watch the movie Gravity. And it was awesome. I wish to see it again in IMAX 3D, but my bro had to go home today, so we could not. But, in my honest opinion, the movie is not instantly re-watchable, albeit being so phenomenal. Perhaps it was so straight-forward, there would be no point in seeing it again.

Oh well, lets just experience IMAX with some other upcoming movie.


Hi all! This is the beginning of my wordpress journey! I have wandered around diaryland, blogspot and recently tumblr (although it’s not really a blog) for a while now and decided to go professional with this shit. People keep saying “wordpress is where it’s at right now” and i finally complied.

So here’s to hoping that i write frequently enough to be taken seriously in this biz, lol!