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bye 2016…


A lot has happened in 2016.

Many has said it was a bad year. And considering the events that unfolded during the past 12 months, I thought so too.

But personally for me, 2016 was pretty good…compared to last year and quite a lot of other years, whereby i just sat home and did nothing. It definitely has more adventures and risk taking endeavors.

I think since the year started, I vowed in my heart that I will try new things and put myself out there. For example:

  1. Participate in singing competition in the Smule Sing app. Just survived one round, I sang Sweet Child O Mine and was eliminated because it was not good enough hahaha!
  2. Joined a group on Smule. That didn’t work out because I find it overwhelming to chat with lots of people in one chatroom. I found myself just reading the conversation rather than joining in. I was booted off soon after due to inactivity on my part. It was exciting to be a part of a group. It’s just that i wasn’t prepared to fully participate.
  3. In August I decided to join the business partners on my sewing class friends and teacher. I thought it would be a good opportunity to make money. This is the venture that I ranted about in my last post. I know I regretted joining this partnership. But in a way, I did learn something. And I had gained experience. And in that way, it was beneficial. I would never take that kind of risk if I didn’t push myself.
  4. I became braver. I no longer feel scared to face new people. I had less anxiety when meeting people. I still need to work on that because i still feel anxiety from time to time. But I need to remind myself to relax more.
  5. Oh I almost forgot, I read 13 books this year! Most of it was read during the last few months. Me and my procrastinating ass. Although, my goal was 15 books. But come the last week of Dec I got disheartened and just forgot about finishing the last 2 books. I was also distracted by my cross stitching.

I think that’s it. My mom retired in February. So I felt really smothered. When I was slaving away at the shop, I was able to run away from the home for a bit. But now I no longer go to the shop, so I’m back to feeling stuffy and confined and trapped. I did manage to go to Karaoke today, alone. Even then, when I came home my mom looked at me with resentment. Can’t I have fun? I swear I need to run away.




scent and sound

while having a meeting with the team, boss produced receipt books and order books in front of me. i was met with nostalgia when the scent hit my nose and at the same time, a song from my childhood came on the radio. my entire primary school nostalgia came flooding, therefore effectively calmed me down.


Hi all! This is the beginning of my wordpress journey! I have wandered around diaryland, blogspot and recently tumblr (although it’s not really a blog) for a while now and decided to go professional with this shit. People keep saying “wordpress is where it’s at right now” and i finally complied.

So here’s to hoping that i write frequently enough to be taken seriously in this biz, lol!