Monthly Archives: February 2017


I recently turned 30. And I refuse to think that being 30 is old. What matters is how you feel inside and that your age is just a number. That being said, being young at heart also means taking care of your health so that your number will be just a umber and not your body’s age. I’m currently struggling with my fitness plans whereby eating healthy and in moderate portion is still a challenge. I also wanted to exercise again but haven’t done so. I hope to rectify that soon.

Vlogs…one of my new plan for my life. When we’re in JB, my friend and I tried vlogging for the first time. And I must admit that it was not as easy as it seems. We gave it a shot. I can’t he;p but feel awkward and cringe every time I watch the clips. I think I need to just keep doing it so that it won’t be cringey anymore. Everyone sucks at first, right?

Oh and I got my contacts yesterday! I had ordered them online, instead of the usual way of having to go to the optometrist to get them. I knew the power of my lenses, so ordering online is easy. I watched my favorite video on how to put in contacts before I put them on. Side story, 10 years ago I had tried putting in colored contacts but I failed every time. And then I gave up. Even my brother couldn’t do it. So this is big for me. So I tried. And I think maybe within 5 minutes I got the right side in! The video really helped. It stings at first, but I closed my eye for a while, then move it side to side and around. It then felt better and I couldn’t believe that my eye could see clearly! It was joyous. And weird, having half my eyesight clear and the other half blurry. I wanted to put the left side quickly. But to my dismay it didn’t want to cooperate. Somehow my left yes always wanted to close up each time the lens touches my eyeball. I tried for a while, but my eye is getting red and irritated. I then stopped to rest my eye a little. I laid down and closed my left eye for about 5 minutes. When my eye felt better and not red anymore, I tried again. This time, I was determined not to blink. I vowed to try and keep my upper eyelid open and not freak out at the sensation of the sting. At first try after the resting, the lens stuck to my eyeball and I slowly close my eyes and pull my finger away. I closed it for a while and then moved my eyeball around. IT’S ON! I was so happy that I finally have the contacts on both my eyes! I couldn’t stop smiling.

I put my contacts on quite late in the afternoon, so I had to refrain myself from taking a nap.  I roll around on the bed and watch some videos, and I also read my book for a little bit. When I was feeling sleepy, I went downstairs to watch some tv. I wore my contacts till late at night. My mom didn’t notice that I didn’t have my glasses on yet still able to see clearly. I did some cross stitch. Then I noticed my eye getting tired and dry. When my vision got slightly blurry and I had to blink to be able to focus again, I thought it’s time to take them off. I did have an eye re-wetting drops but I was lazy to use it. I was at home anyway, not really doing anything. So I went to my bedroom to take them off and get ready for bed. Taking them out was relatively easy, using the technique used in that same video. I was really pleased with my experience this time. I cleaned the lenses with solution and placed them in the case with some fresh solution. I can’t wait to use my contacts again. Today was not eventful, so I didn’t wear them. I think it would be great to wear them outside. Oh imagine driving, going to the mall, to the movies, concerts, every where, really!

That’s all for now. I will write more when I got more to tell….