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McDonalds Burger Syok review


Let me try my hands at reviewing food, kay?

I tried this new burger at McDonald’s today!

At first I was skeptical of this new thing because I love my Spicy Chicken McDeluxe and GCB too much. But the advertisement said that it was spicy and I LOVE spicy food. So I sacrificed a visit to the McD by not ordering my beloved and decided to try this instead.

This burger was introduced to show that Malaysians are united in their fondness of spicy flavors. And I agree with that notion. I really do believe that Malaysians cannot survive without our spices and chillies! And also, look at Lat’s iconic cartoons in the posters and advertisements! How cute and very Malaysian!

I didn’t snap a picture of my food. That is typical because I usually like to just dive in. But just trust me on whatever I’m telling you. The burger/sandwich was just like the picture above! It was pretty. It had lettuce and mixture of veggies that usually made for coleslaw. I kinda like that it had lots of veggies in it. It blends well with the burger. The sauce was spicy and creamy at the same time. When eaten with the chicken patty, it kinda tastes like the hot spicy chicken at Nando’s. Yummy! In a nutshell, I can sum this burger up as the ‘Spicy GCB Burger’. So if you like your spice, and love salads, you should give this burger a try. I’m glad I’ve tried this.

I’m not sure if this burger will be in the permanent menu. It may just be for this time period where we Malaysians are celebrating our Independence Day and the coming Malaysia Day. However, I would like it to be permanent because in a way it symbolizes the unity of Malaysians and can be a unique menu item for McDonald’s Malaysia.