I hate it when I’m concentrating on something difficult and someone suddenly wanna have a conversation with me. I have this person in my sewing class who likes to chat up about things that doesn’t interest me. This morning, I was ready to sew up a poofy sleeve at the machine and she’s asking me all sorts of question. The poofy sleeve was difficult to sew and I had to pay much attention to what I’m doing. And there she was, asking me about my wedding dress, did I make a groom outfit too, and also about my working situation. Right there at the sewing machine! While I was trying hard not to mess up! I really hated her guts from then on. Thankfully the sleeves were successfully attached. I honestly don’t know what’s all that mattered to her. What does my not-working-and-just-staying-at-home got to do with her? I really don’t understand people like this.


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