Monthly Archives: April 2016

eyes hurts

but i’m still up and reading my old blog. i used to be so good at writing! what happened nash? i really enjoy reading her entries and stories. also: nostalgia!


crush hurts

I didn’t want to write about this. But it’s bothering me since yesterday.

My crush, Michael Fassbender has a girlfriend. Has been since 2014! See this is why I avoid researching about him. Now I feel shitty finding out about this shit! I hate this feeling. It takes me back to when I was a teenager, finding out about Brian’s getting married. I was so heartbroken. I even had a novel plot of killing his wife and seducing him afterwards. Am I a psycho back then? Nevertheless, that is what I’m feeling now.

Now I’ll probably hate the girl he’s seeing. Her name is Alicia Vikander, and it kinda sounds indian. UGH I can’t believe he’s seeing her. Such bitch, she’s probably cuddling with Fassy right now. I’ve never seen her movies yet. All I know is she won an award for the movie The Danish Girl. She may be nice. But for now she’s a biatch.

God I sound like a teenybopper.

But who’s to say that Fassbender can’t belong to me someday, right?

(that is the most optimistic sentence you’ll ever see me write)

This night I surprised myself by going through my stuff to sort out things I don’t use anymore. Yes, I cleaned.

And I think the best part about this is the nostalgia I feel when looking through my old notes. Also old books that I’ve read. Also old CDs. And I found an old thumb drive.

I’m looking at the content of that thumb drive. Oh the feels! There’s stuff from my old job, my uni days, my music from that era, and also lots of eBooks that I’ve accumulated. I’m so happy.

I think I’m gonna sell those books that I’ve read. But my notes, CD and thumb drive, I’ll keep FOREVER.

oh yeah: I’ve come back from hiatus! gosh since Oct 2015!!!