ear worm of the day (or week)

my ear worm of the day or this week is the theme song to the tv show Orange is the New Black. i absolutely love it now. i forgot what i think of it at first, i think at first i thought it was a little bit weird, but in a good way. then, i discovered it was by Regina Spektor, whom i used to like. then, i really like the song, hahah!

i finally started watching this show towards the end of last week. it has an interesting premise. i can finally see understand why people are raving about it! no wonder! but the show is not for the fainthearted. there’s a lot of titties…hahahaha! just watch it for the plot and keep an open mind. i really enjoy this show right now. it is currently my binge watch show, and i’m in season 2 already. i’m not quite sure what category/genre this show is, it can be funny at times, but at the same time it can be intense. check it out if you have time to spare, because if you are like me, i’m sure you’ll get hooked.


One thought on “ear worm of the day (or week)

  1. A very long intro indeed! Nothing but faces i would’ve skip it too.. Hehe im curious to watch. I hope i wont be too heart-fainted

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