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discovery – thug notes

I discovered an awesome youtube channel last night. it is Thug Notes.

Basically, it’s this thug looking guy explaining the summary of famous literature in a thug/gangsta/hood slang. Whaaaat?! Sounds interesting, huh?

I found this video while searching for ‘pride and prejudice’ last night, after watching the 2005 film starring Keira Knightly. Take a look at this pride and prejudice video he did:

Amusing, isn’t it? also, he made really good and correct points about the book/story. Dee, i think this is right up our alley. if i ever found myself too lazy to read through the classics, maybe i’ll just watch these Thug Notes instead!



Recently, I found out about ASMR. Well…i’ve actually heard of ASMR a lot, just haven’t really get into them to know more. One night, last week, i found myself unable to fall asleep yet again. Not wanting to fool around anymore, i opened Youtube and searched for ASMR videos.

Oh, before i dive right into my story, i should explain first on what ASMR is. ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) is basically an audio/visual whereby when you experience it, it produces pleasurable tingles in your head or all over your body. People had claimed that ASMR relaxed them enough to make them fall asleep without fail. Sounds good, right?!

so i went through the search results and i found that most videos are by women. i want a male voice to soothe me to sleep. then i found a perfect recording of ASMR boyfriend role play. needless to say, i was overly excited to listen to that! and i did fell asleep shortly afterwards. it was so quick, that i did not recall anything about the video, except that his voice was awesome and sexy as hell.

i think i finally found the cure for insomnia! i’ve been listening to ASMR videos since then. and i’ve since came across this fabulous ASMR Youtuber. he’s gay and fabulous. i love him. he made me fall asleep for two days in a row. below i wanna show you the first video from him that i watched…enjoy!

Note: he’s not the hot guy ASMR i encountered on my first time experience though! that’s a different person.

my work – finally nasya!

yesterday i went to the office of i-yuno media. i have applied for the freelance subtitle position checker on jobstreet. that company specializes in subtitles and dubbing services. i received a call from the hr officer last week. after asking a few basic questions, she ask me if i can visit the office for training. i was like “is that it? no interview, just come and bring laptop for training?”. of course i didn’t say it out loud. and so knowing me, i was nervous up to the day.

the office is located in Menara Selborn, Jalan Tun Razak. i don’t like driving to KL. especially during morning rush hours. but, what to do. i absolutely have to take this chance to make money. so i embarked on my journey on 8.15am. the appointment was on 10 am. i anticipated the traffic jam and added a few more minutes to give some leeway in case i got lost or if there’s an accident somewhere. i am so glad that i have studied the map on google map plus street view. basically i know where i’m going, so that makes me calmer. after the traffic madness of the famous Jalan Tun Razak, i finally arrived at my destination with 10 minutes to spare. i parked in the building.

after obtaining a visitor pass from the guard, i made my way to the 15th floor. once there i was nervous…because i thought i would be interviewed. there’s two doors, one open wide and the second was closed, but there was a receptionist desk. i chose to press the bell on the second door, assuming it was the proper way into an office (through the receptionist). someone opened the door, and i explained i was the freelancer coming for the training. she looked at me funny, and asked if i was looking for i-yuno. i said yes, and she explained that i was the office next door, the one that’s opened. i thought it was the same company and are connected. the office was so small!

i cautiously walked into the open office, with no receptionist to ask. one of the staff saw me creepin’ in, and i explained to her that i had come for the freelancer training. she then alerted a lady, which i assumed wast he one who called me the other day. i was greeted, and she handed the training documents to me and this other person who was already there before me. she then ushered us to the back of the office, where there was a big rectangular table, and 4 chairs around it. the table literally had blocked the way to a back room. “is this where the training is?” i asked. she said yes, the office didn’t have enough space for a proper training room. she said today’s session involved four freelancers. we were told to wait for the other two.

she then went off. i awkwardly tried to set up my laptop at the tight space. the other person was a chinese guy. it was awkwardly silent between us. i decided to break the awkwardness by asking his name. his name is Lionel, and i found out he’s only 19! i felt like such an old fart!!!!


i noticed there were people trying to get to and from the back door and was blocked by me. annoyed, i decided to move myself to the side that is not in the way. i was quite uncomfortable. on top of that, the two people who was expected to come did not show up after one hour of waiting. we have to install the subtitle software into our laptops. we filled the time waiting for downloads and waiting for installation.

the rest was just the operations officer training us on how to do time stamp of subtitles and also the re-positioning of subtitles. we have some assignments to complete and practice. too boring to explain in details here.

there was, however, a minor anxiety on my part. since i parked my car in the building car park, i was worried that it might get too expensive since i was told we might stay until 6 pm (there was a lot of waiting around, you see. i was told it would take 4-6 hours only, but apparently not). i told my supervisor about my predicament. she said the parking fee was expensive, and suggested that i move my car into a cheaper car park across the street. so, i went to eat first at the food court to have some small change…as much small change as possible, in order to prepare for paying the car park autopay machine. at that point i was so nervous, and began to think and calculate how big the amount will be. at one point, i thought that it would have been RM25. i ate as quickly as i could (i should note that my rice dish was RM6, the cheapest food i ate in a long time). after that, i immediately went to the parking autopay machine, to just check my total. the anticipation was killing me. then, the amount displayed on the screen. it was RM10. i was like, “just 10? then, i could just let my car in here for another three hours and it won’t be that expensive. not like RM20” (that is my logic.)

sooo all in all, it was a good day. in the end, i had to pay RM14.50 for a whole day parking. not bad.

my thoughts: that day was quite a good day. i was lucky and blessed that i have little problem in doing my work using this laptop. my ‘colleague’ on the other hand, had a lot of problems with his friends’ laptop. and also, my re-positioning assignment was far easier than his, because mine hardly had any lines that i had to adjust. he had many, and also very challenging ones. i supposed i should be given a tougher video to edit, just to gain more experience. but, oh well, the supervisor had assigned that to me in the first place.

it was nice, being lucky and have things be easier. usually i would be the one with a tough luck. i think it is high time for an easy ride.

the only things that irked me that day was the traffic, and also my pinky toes hurt from wearing my tight formal shoes. had i known that that company was casual, i would have just worn my comfy sandals.

i got home safely at 8pm, after stopping at a KFC drive thru for dinner. i was so tired!

so now, officially, i have a job! albeit it being a freelancing job. it pays RM15 per one-hour episode. i was thinking of maybe starting with 5 one-hour episodes per day. That will total up to RM75 a day. i think it’s reasonable. i just hope that the company can assign the jobs every day, so that i will have a steady income.

i think this arrangement will be most agreeable. i can work from anywhere i want. if i can finish up my work for the day, i’m free to do anything else…like hanging out with my friend and brother. one thing i gotta so though, is to get a usb keyboard. this job requires the use of F keys shortcuts in order to do it quickly and efficiently. currently, my laptop keyboard, i have to hold the Fn button with the respective F button that i want. it was clumsy…and i made a lot of mistakes.

i am looking forward to doing this job! tomorrow i will email them the vendor agreement that i’ve signed. and hopefully, they will send my assignments soon. and maybe i’ll get my payments in 2 months time. (they require 60 days to process my pay, after receiving an invoice from me). that part is a bummer.

whoa look at this long ass post! i haven’t write this long in so long! long long long!

I’m back after not having internet in my home for 3 whole days!!  it has been torture! i underestimated the power of the internet. i literally went crazy with boredom, clutching my phone in hopes in getting entertainment, but nothing came. i relied on the network  connection, but it was too slow!

i finally called unifi this evening after returning home from sunway with my brother. the problem is rectified pretty quickly. the service center guy was very helpful and friendly. if i had known it would be this easy, i would have done it sooner!