Monthly Archives: May 2015

I hate when i was laying there on the couch and my dad handed my mother a job application form. For me. Hello? Im sitting right here! Why did you give that to mom instead of me? #dysfunctionalfamily


best way to use your BB1M vouchers

The way I see it, you can choose 2 paths:

1. Go to Big Bad Wolf sale/cheap discounted book store and find as many books as you can! This is great because the books are super cheap there, up to 95% off, and so, you can buy more for less! The downside is that the selection of books that they have will depend on your luck. Not every book will be available there, and honestly, not enough great books. I usually will squeal if I found something I’ve been looking for there.

2. Go to Kinokuniya/any store which sells full priced items and buy that book that you’ve always wanted but cannot find anywhere else. In other words, you’re buying quality over quantity. I often have books that I cannot find for cheap, and I really need those books in my life. Therefore, I have to find time to venture out to Kinokuniya KLCC to find them. This way you have satisfaction of receiving something rare and interesting to you. Sure, you’ll have fewer items possibly, because these books are quite expensive, but you’re getting quality products that you can enjoy for freeeee (if you think about it).

Bottom line: I need to start making a to-buy list!