Monthly Archives: April 2015

breaking bad

Two days ago, 30th March 2015, I finished watching all of the TV series Breaking Bad. And since then I feel so depressed and empty. It doesn’t help when I spent all of my days alone, without Dee or my brother, and mom got home super late at night. Basically, I’m alone. No one to talk to. I need someone to talk about the show with!

I seriously think this is the best show ever created. I am not good at explaining things, let alone reviewing them. Just trust me, you have to watch this show. I don’t know why I procrastinate watching it so long. It has been on my agenda. It’s just…there are so many things to watch! As I investigate on why I put off watching Breaking Bad as long as I did, I think it comes down to why people (ME) procrastinate: it’s easier to watch lighthearted shows. Yes, I’d rather watch Friends, Big Bang Theory (i know) and New Girl, than watching one-hour long drama about drugs/meth. Or any one hour long shows for that matter. I have ADD. Deal with it (i’m dealing with it).

But one day, after watching New Girl in a marathon manner, I snapped. I thought “Let’s just watch Breaking Bad. Why are you always putting off watching a much acclaimed show that everyone talks about?! Fuck it, I’m watching it right now”.

After one episode, I’m hooked. I literally could not stop watching! When night time comes, and my mom was close to getting home, I dreaded stopping (my mom cannot stand watching shows that I like). And weekends came and I died from boredom and anticipation (weekends are for parents, my parents are prudes).

When I had to follow my mom to the hotel for a training she had to attend, I brought my laptop and HDMI cable with me, so that I could watch it on the hotel television whenever my mom was downstairs in the training room. That’s how crazy I got!

But now it’s over. I can’t fill this void with anything! What with GST being implemented in this land, it made me more depressed. I watched Better Call Saul, House of Cards, and neither can fill in the spot that Breaking Bad left.