Monthly Archives: March 2015

Angry!!! Movie goers

Today I watched Cinderella at the cinema. And I love the movie. It’s just, my experience is tarnished by annoying movie goers! So much noise around me, more so during heart felt scenes. There was 2 young kids at my left and 2 annoying teenage girls at my right. The babies kept asking their parents dumb questions such as “wht is the rat eating?” out loud. The mom would shush him, but then, as barbaric kids always do, he would continue his loud questions. On the other hand, the two girls on my right was giggling and laughing the whole movie. Even during the parts where it was not funny! I glanced at them at one instance, and noticed they were looking at their phones and laughing. And then they chatted, and laughed again. Such bimbo wenches!!! I was going mad!!! Arghhh it pains me now to think about it!

I had purposely booked my seats near the front of the screen in order not to be disturbed by others. But the moment that family with babykids sat at my row, I was like “oh god, seriously? i’m doomed”.

Next time I go to movies that would have kids movie goers, I would seriously book the seat at the corners near the walls or right in the front row. Lesson learned.

I don’t get it. Don’t parents know this movie would not be understood at all for kids under 5? Why bring them along???? This is not even animated! Not cartoons. Go back home and watch the cartoon version of Cinderella instead. Basically the same thing, and simpler, catered to dumb kids. Annoying parents.


No laying around 

today it rained heavily in the evening and that makes the house cooler. And I noticed that i don’t lay on the couch as much. I actually sat up and i was comfortable doing that. This just shows that it is the heat that makes me lazy. I have to lay down to cool down. Laying around all day is not good for my health. I need more cool days! Eff this Malaysian weather.


Today I hung out with Dee again, this time at Empire. It was just yesterday we watched a movie (Demonic) together at the cinema and hang around in IOI City Mall. But we simply need to see each other whenever we can, haha.

We had coffee at EspressoLab. Dee had a voucher for 10% discount on drinks there, so had to take advantage of that! I had an affogato (always wanted to try it!) and Dee had a caramel machiato. The affogato was good, perfect combination of bitter and sweet and creamy. Then we had a loooong talk about book ideas.

Then lunch at Fresco. I had beef lasagna. It was so creamy, by the end of it I feel slightly nauseous. Dee had baked macaroni and cheese. It was also cheesy.

I had a good time. I wish I would remember to take pictures of us when we go out. I always forgot. And I always remembered when I has home. Driving sucks though. I wish no morons on the road with me. I hate driving (here at least). Malaysian drivers are morons.