Monthly Archives: February 2015

Big bad wolf again! – aka Fire Sale

The biggest book sale in Malaysia is back! Well…not exactly ‘back’, because this is just the Fire Sale. From my observation, it is a slightly smaller scale sale. Perhaps there are a lot of leftover books from the December sale, so the organizer wanted to get rid of them all by further reducing prices and conducting another sale. But whatever it is, I am delighted!

I got there at 10:30 AM and stayed there till 12 noon. I was planning to stay longer, but I have to get home early because there’s a package from GoShop expected to be delivered to my home today. That’s another story.

Anyways, these are my loot from the book sale. I didn’t get the chance to look for fictions due to time restraint. Ah well, maybe I’ll go for round two soon. I got until next Monday.


By the way, the parcel never came. I panicked for nothing. I hate GDEX with a passion!


MPO beat the traffic

Two days ago, I went to the Dewan Philharmonic Orchestra at KLCC. It was my first time ever going to a live show. Me and Dee went there for the 6:30 PM show. It was just a cheap ticket, RM22, because it was a chamber concert. I enjoyed it so much, to my amazement. I think mainly because it was just a short show, at about an hour long. And also, all three compositions are interesting, and wonderful to listen to. I look forward to seeing another concert sooooon.

I didn’t snap any pictures because I look like crap. Now I’m thinking I should have taken a picture with Dee because she kinda looked great that day. Oh well. We couldn’t snap pictures in the hall anyway. Such strict rules. I saw the usher laser pointed anybody who used their phones to snap pictures in the hall. Hahaha somehow that’s funny to me. Like playing with a cat.