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Dummy head

Incident location: Aeon Taman Equine


I feel like an idiot today and i hate it.

I had stupidly left my pharmacy bag full of goodies on the hook of my trolley, and didn’t put it in my car. I left my newly purchased things and walked away to pay the parking ticket. 

Long story short, I was suddenly aware of my mistake and walked as fast as i can to my car. the trolley was gone, and so did my bag of goods. My hard earned money was taken away. I looked all over for a trolley with a plastic bag on the hook, but to no avail. I feel like such an idiotic and absent minded person!

Sadly, i just have to admit that it is gone and there’s nothing i can do about it. Maybe someone saw it and took it. Made the items their own. Oh well. Maybe God doesn’t want me to have those things. 

What i learned today was: I should’ve just listened to my gut feelings. My first instinct.

The reason i was having a problem was the parking ticket machine doesn’t accept other notes except RM1 notes. And it didn’t want to fucking accept the only RM1 note i had! so i panicked a little, went to the bakeshop and bought some buns for some change, hopefully some RM1 notes. BUT i paid, and i got RM5 for change. I hadn’t realized the machine said it won’t give change. I went and i smacked my head in despair. 

That is when I just went to my car to put away everything I bought from the supermarket. I thought, i could deal with this better when my things are put away. (i don’t know why. it”s not very logical.) When i finished, i put the trolley aside. (with the plastic bag of the pharmacy still dangling obviously)

So after that i went and try other machines and they are all the same. i went and buy some pens in the bookshop to get RM1 change. Then it hit me: I forgot to put my pharmacy goodies in the car!!!

I walked as fast as I could to my car. Sadly, it’s not there.

After that i felt like crying, and i thought “i should’ve bought a raisin walnut bread at the checkout of the bakery. i was just thinking should i buy that for mom or not? i SHOULD have. Then i will have RM1 notes!”

There’s no use of thinking about that anymore. it’s done. someone took it.

Total loss:

Lucido-L moisturising hair spray.

A nail polish from SaSa

Nail polish remover 

A Mars bar.