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Dengue Fever Pt 1

I started feeling uneasy on Sunday night. we were at my papa’s house in Desa Pinggiran Putra. we went there to look at him to see how he’s doing. Auntie was there, abang Ari was there too. he was getting ready to fly back to Paris. before that we break fast together. we ate nasi bukhara that abang Ari bought us. mom cooked a lamb dish which was delish. all was dandy. but on the ride home, i started feeling like im coming sown with a fever. all fever like symptoms are there, except runny nose and sore throat. Symptoms include feeling cold, aches on ma body and also bloatedness. i shrugged it off thinking maybe i ate the wrong things. i thought maybe i was eating lamb.

papa had asked me to drive him to the clinic in Presint 9 for his follow up the next day. i was feeling bad, but i went anyways because there’s nobody else to do it. My body was freezing.i was quite clueless as to what’s happening to me. I went to the clinic with my bro. We waited for papa to finish his treatment. Inside, i feel so cold, so i went and waited outside. After papa was done, i took him and auntie home. Auntie said she wanted to go to Alamanda to buy some stuffs and also to mail abang Ari’s diary that he left inside the car.

I went back home to leave papa to rest. Shortly thereafter, me, auntie and bro went to alamanda. My body was bein cold again. It never did stop being cold. I was literally hanging on for my conciousness at thst point. Thankfully, driving is easy for me.

I drove back to the house and drop off auntie there. Laid down for a while on the couch as auntie had asked my bro to put up new curtains for raya. I asked my bro to driveus home because i dont think im well enough at that point to drive back to our home.

Fast forward to a few days afterwards. I fidnt feel any better. I still got cold spells, feverish body and diarrhea. I also feel very bloated. I drank gaviscon because i thought it would make my bloating disappear. It didnt. Then raya came. My aunt who is a doctor, Auntie Herah advised me and my mom to go to the hospital and do a blood test to find out what was wrong with me.

So the next day, which was a friday, we went to Hospital Putrajaya the first thing in the morning. I asked the doctor to do blood test on me and she agreed. I was deathly afraid of needles so i dread the blood taking process. But alas, i had to take it for my wellbeing. My heart sank when she told me i was positive dengue fever. But it happened so fast that i didnt have time to worry. I was told i need to get warded. I was escorted to a temporary ward, and immediately got hooked up on IV. It was so painful! But i just gritted my teeth and before long, itmwas over and i was safe with an IV drip.

I rested for a while then a male nurse came with a wheelchair to take me to the ward. I got on there carrying my IV bag. Id never ride in a wheelchair before. It was sad and funny when he struggled to push my wheelchair through tight corners because i was heavy. But he pushed the wheelchair with such speed that i found enjoyment in it! When we first reached the ward area, i was weighed. i weighed 120kg, which is quite light for me. I lost about 4 kgs within the week when i was sick.

I then walked to my bed. Got asked a lot of questions by the doctors. Some of em asked the same questions. I got tired.

Let me just summarize my experience in Hospital Putrajaya. I dont thinm i want to tell you tentatively what happened, because it would bore me and my readers. Let me just say that i hated my experience there. After just 2 nights there, i wanna just get outta there. I couldnt bear one more night.

I had to take blood test every 6 hours. And i think all the patients there also have to do the same, as i noticed that the doctor took everyone’s blood at the same time. Also, i had to carry my IV pole to the toilet every time i wanted to pee. And i pee a lot, beause they asked me to drink lots of water. The IV pole was a bitch to lug around because it sucked and the wheels are not so smooth. On top of that, they require me to write down how many ml of water i drank and how many ml of pee i produced. Yes, they had a glass with ml levels on em and also provided measuring cup in the toilet! Wtf right? I cheated a bit, because i only measure my first pee there, and just guesstimate the subsequent pees. Who’s gonna know? Haha.

The blood taking procedures are so painful. The first time was particularly painful as the doctor, she struggled to find my vein on my left hand. Eventually she got it, after 3 misses. Ouch! But then it makes it better as they will all know where to poke now. The most painful was late at night the first night. This girl doctor, different as the day doctor, she said it is bad to poke at the same place. Then she proceeded to poke the needle in my wrist! It hurt like crazy. Later on Sunday morning, a handsome male doctor noticed the bruise and needle mark on my wrist and asked me what it was from. I said a female doctor took blood from there. He was pissed! You are not supposed to take blood there! I didnt know that, but when i heard what he said, i got angry. No wonder it felt extra painful, it isnt a proper place to take blood from.

Most bizarre thing i experienced, was during the second night i was there. Whenever I want to close my eyes to sleep, gruesome images begins to play. Well, not exactly gruesome. Scenes like in tv, movies or ads. WTF. EVERY TIME I CLOSE MY EYES. And at first i thought i was dreaming. But dreams won’t occur one second after closing my eyes! And every time, i woke with shock and my heart would beat very fast. Looking back, i think i was having hallucinations.

Overall, the thing i hate most about my hospital stay was the doctors, having to drag my IV to the toilet, and boredom.

What i don’t like about the place was it basically runs on practical doctors. Doctors who had just graduated. Housemen. And the fucking act like real doctors, with arrogant faces. I didn’t know at first, coz, sick person’s brain was wonky. I just noticed how young they all looked. Towards the end of my stay, it became apparent.

One incident that struck me is when a fat housemen told my mom matter-of-factly, that platelets could not be transferred to patients. When in fact, my mom knew that it was possible, since my Uncle Talib’s son, Ghilman, was given platelet when he was treated for Dengue. But this fucking ‘doctor’ told us such blatant untruths. He told us to our faces, that the only way to get platelet is by transferring whole blood! What upsets me was, seeing his serious face while saying that lie, made me doubt what i know to be true!

Needless to say, i hate doctors now. They don’t know every thing. They are just humans.

So, the third day which was Sunday, I was discharged from the ward. After waiting all day. And even then, my uncle Talib was insistent that i stay another night. Because my platelet was at 17000 only! it was dangerous and all of them doubt that i should be released when my levels were worrisome. The doctors agreed to discharge me, but my family was being a bitch about it. I JUST WANNA GO HOME. Seriously, i can’t stay one more night in that hell hole. In the end, I made a face and was going to cry. I was seriously very disappointed and depressed. There was a lot of time where I wanted to cry, but the tears weren’t falling. My family agreed to let me go home, with a heavy heart. I was very glad and happy to get out of that place.