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dear all

im unable to write at this time, forgive me. today i have to complete the task of baking cookies. it never ends rite? huh.

somebody wants ma cookies. my papa called mom yesterday daying that he wants 4 jars of cookies. turns out, auntie’s sis wants more of em after she had em when she went beraya at their place. BTW, alhamdulillah anyways because im gonna demand money! yayy1

so bye for now, maybe in the evenings i can resume my writing. bye!

of raya and sickness

hello again blog. i have abandoned you. a lot happened. raya happens. sickness happened. but i’ll save the sickness part for later. I wanna talk about raya.

this year we as a family just celebrate eid in puchong, our home. we had planned to return to johor this year. but as all plans go, we never know what could happen. my father fell sick during ramadan. then, i fell sick. my mom couldnt bear leave my father and my auntie alone at their home. if something happened, there’s nobody to drive them to the hospital.

first raya, we went to papa’s house. ate laksa johor there. i had no appetite whatsoever! i LOVE my laksa johor. it’s one of my fav, but i couldn’t enjoy it. i felt so sad. then later that evening, my uncles, aunts, cousins arrived. they were all so nice. they feel very pitiful that i can’t fully enjoy the food and festivities. this is where my aunts all suggested that my mom take me to do blood test to check what’s wrong with me. As it was abnormal to have fever and bloating for 4 days with no signs of getting better.

I still get money! i love them for it. i was embarrassed. but because i have no job, they are willing to give me something. Thanks uncles and aunties! i love you so much.

and that is all my raya is about! hahahaha just one day, then the next day i was warded. for what? that’s another posssttt…hehe it is gonna be huge! i have a lot to say. i have been writing down notes on my iPad in case i forgot something. i think too much, and i don’t want the thoughts to go away.

so now, i was instructed to rest at home. i can’t even drive to the store! driving is simple and not tiring at all. alas, i have to obey for my own good. hmm, i’m covered in bruises, and i am bothered by it. how to get rid of them fast? it’s annoying.

okay i think that’s it. i hope i can visit someone’s house soon. raya is no fun with no appetite. and now i have LOTS !

edit: i was not allowed to hold a knife during this whole week. But i wanna cook. I wanna cut some fruits. now brown cow?

i can rest

i have completed all my cookies orders!!


so today i can rest the whole day. i just need to go wash my car and fill in the petrol. 

i was planning to go to putrajaya bazar ramadhan, but i feel so lazy to drive that far all by myself. maybe tomorrow i can persuade my brother to accompany me there. 

i also wanted to do the jigsaw puzzle that i bought. but i’m afraid it wont be completed before raya. hahaha. my mom would nag me this weekend.