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this was yesterday’s story. 

i dreamed about my best friend. we were having an adventure. then later in the day, she texted me. is this a sign? hehe. i am so sorry that i cannot see her, coz i am so busy with baking. how i long to go to her place again! i can hardly go out of the house nowadays. i wish all this would be over soon. i yearn for freedom!!


unlucky day

so today while baking, my oven door’s spring broke when i went to open it. I was so shocked at first as i didn’t know what happened. Something just snapped.

now it cannot stay closed. I have to put something heavy against the door to close the oven. first, i leaned a pack of flour against the door. not realizing that the plastic will melt. smack my head. then, i just take a pot from the kitchen and use that instead. That worked perfectly. but i’d still preferred that the door still worked.

and then, something else broke. my scale which i use to measure my ingredients suddenly stopped working. yup. it suddenly decided that it doesn’t wanna turn on anymore. i changed the batteries and it still doesn’t work. it would turn on if i took the batteries out then put it back in. but it won’t tare! i put my container and wanna tare it, but it won’t work. finally, i just measured everything in the same container, then pour out to their designated container. that way i got a consistent reading. i managed to get one more batch using this desperate method.

Ugh. this is a living example of ‘what ever could go wrong, will go wrong’. i don’t know how im gonna bake tomorrow if i don’t have my scale. the easy solution is to get a new one. but i don’t wanna get the same model at the same store because i already know that it is of poor quality. i just don’t know where else to buy the scale…

on business

Today i feel so tired. Tomorrow it will begin again. I hope all this would pass. I just think about the money i will be getting.

One thing about me, i can be a perfectionist with the things that i love to do. I wanna give my best in my products. I don’t understand how some people who sell sub-par quality food. Some people really get away with selling non tasty food and still make money! They can do shoddy packaging. I just can’t do that. I even want my containers to look the same. With no dent, no price tag on them. My mom bought the wrong containers in bulk! and they still have price tags that are a bitch to tear apart. I just can’t! My mom said just let the pricetags be, people wanna eat the cookies, not look at the price. But I can’t help but think it is rude to sell cookies in containers that has price tags on them. 

What do you think? Maybe I should be more lax? Maybe i should be less controlling? Just be like those people? My mind is so full of ‘what ifs’. I wish i could care less about people and things. I wish i could  be in it just for the money.

baking time

It has dawned on me that i must bake full time right now. I am a full time cookie baker! Or cookie monster?

So far, in two days I have completed 8 jars of cookies. I find it hard to produce 8 jars per day. The first day, I woke up late (11am) and I start baking at 12pm. I got two batches. One batch=2 jars. Today, I woke up early for sahur and at 9am I start baking. At 10am I wanna go shower, but the sun was blinding in my bathroom, so i lay on the bed for a while. “A while” turned to 3 hours as I fell asleep! I quickly shower and ready to go buy baking stuff and more jars ( i ran out of jars). As soon as I got in the car, it started to rain. Just my luck today…haih. I contemplated whether to go or not, but i decided to just go despite the rain.

I feel really bad that the jars that i need have all sold out! i am really stressed about this. I eventually went to the nearby Hero supermarket near my home and bought 8 jars. I have to go there again tomorrow to get more. I don’t think they sell in bulk.

Hope i step it up tomorrow. As of just now, me and mom calculated there are 101 jars to complete. And i have just 8. Argh!

at home



Tadaa! I finished this puzzle on Monday. It took me 5 days to complete. It is such a challenge. But it was fun!


Btw, happy fasting my friends! I could not fast the first 2 days…and maybe tomorrow too. I wish this would end so that i can participate in the fasting ritual 😦

pet peeve

You know what i don’t like? Someone on social media sites such as facebook and twitter wishing happy birthday to their mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa who clearly won’t be seeing the message. It is understandable if the other person is using the site. But if they don’t even know to use those sites, or if they are like my parents, seldom use the internet; just call or text them and wish them directly! Not for all the world to see.’

anyways, today is my mom’s birthday and i wished her via text, and she was touched. and no, i didn’t update my facebook status with her birthday wish on my wall. btw, i was annoyed with my brother who wished her on twitter THREE times! so i had to write this out to calm me down.



Last weekend was interesting. I have not been in a class type situation in God knows how long. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about family life. But at the same time it was pretty boring, and my ass hurts from sitting too long. Alas, it was over now and i was relieved!

On monday, i baked a batch of oats cookies. i was surprised it tastes exactly the same like last year. and i nearly made a mistake in the amount of oats i used. luckily i found the recipe in the drawer, i should be more organised and type out the recipe in the computer so i don’t lose it again! As soon as the smell comes from the oven, i was feeling nostalgic. I freaking love the smell! it took me back to last year’s fasting month and i remembered all the things that happened.

Tuesday, i waited for the puzzle i ordered from amazon to come. I ordered on 27th June and it finally came on 2nd July! I waited since morning and finally at 11.45am the poslaju postman came with a van. I was so glad it came so quickly. I’ve never bought anything from Amazon before, and now i know that i can trust them. Shipping fee was a bit expensive, but it came from the US, so that was inevitable. What I didn’t get is, the courier from US is DHL, but the delivery to my house is by Poslaju…hmm..mystery.

today, i went to sunway to get more puzzle! but i found that the brand Ravensburger 1000 pcs at the store costs a lot! RM 150. the one i bought on amazon only costs $34.55 which is RM 110. So i would probably get that brand at amazon. Plus the shipping is not that long, just 5 days. I asked the shop assistant if there is 1000 pcs puzzle that is less expensive. They have a brand that costs RM85. I don’t think it is as high quality as the Ravensburger. It was made in China. I bought that anyway, coz i didn’t wanna get the RM150 one. It was a scenery of cottage in the summer. It was pretty!

As of now, i am doing the Amazon one, Ravensburger, and the picture is of the Times Square. I love New York! Right now i think i’m obsessed with puzzles. i think it is because it brings me the nostalgia of doing puzzles as a child. i used to love jigsaw puzzles. By brother didn’t like it as much. i think it is fun and challenging! a great way to exercise the brain.