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the plan for tomorrow

So i think i have to start making samples for my ‘famous’ oat cookies. My mom promised her unit trust consultant that she will bring some for her. She will probably give my mom a visit at my mom’s office on Friday. Obviously I have to bake tomorrow.

I have kinda abandoned baking for some time. Especially the oat cookies, I haven’t been making them since last year’s raya. I am a little bit rusty after not making them for a long time. Lets hope i still  have my mojo…people are counting on me to do this!

This got me thinking. I need to step up my oat cookies biz this year. Maybe adding some variety on the flavors. Last year I just make one type of oat cookies which is the plain one with almond nibs. I was thinking of having 3 flavors; plain, cranberries/raisin, and choc chip. And that idea was conveyed to me yesterday by my mom. She said the ppl at her office have given some suggestions for me. I was like “wow, they really thought about me!”. This means they are really enthusiastic about my oat cookies this coming raya. I need to step up.

This also means that I have to put my jobsearch on hold for now. I have to fully concentrate on baking cookies if i want to take on more orders from customers. I am frankly afraid that i could not cope if i got a job in the fasting month.

Distant family in Johor will ask me what i do now, and i will have to tell them i bake cookies. I mean, it is not a bad thing. but it annoys me. that question annoys the crap out of me. to tell you the truth, the reason for finding a ‘real’ job is so that i have something legit to tell them. how i wish all the things that i do didn’t disappoint people so much. not that i need their approvals. but just to make me feel good about myself.


Hanging out with bro n other things

Today i made a plan with my brother to meet up at a mall in sunway. I got so bored sitting home and so did he. His college were given one more day of leave because of the haze situation. So we meet up at the mall at 11.30 pm.

As usual, i wanted to go karaoke, and he obliged. We were awful today, and we laughed at our lack of vocal skills. After that, we went for coffee at starbucks. Ate some mcdonald’s spicy chicken mcdeluxe there and surf the internet, watching mirandasings08’s videos…she’s so funny. We talked and catch up on each other. It was fun.

I went home and it has started to rain a little. I drove as fast as i could, because i wanna save the laundry that i hanged outside from getting drenched by the rain. Thankfully i arrived just in time. After rushing to pick up the clothes, it was raining heavily. I was so happy that it rained. Hopefully the rain help clear up the haze.

I changed into a more comfy old tshirt and it smelled nice. It reminds me so much of Dee and her home in Raub coz the shirt was washed there. It just occurred to me that i have never had a sleepover before in my life till that week in Raub. It kinda blew my mind a little.


Today i had 2 synchronicity. I don’t wanna call it ‘coincidences’, because every thing happens for a reason. But they are all singing/song related. First, in karaoke, i sang Blue’s All Rise even though I haven’t listened to the song for years. Then, after getting out of Redbox karaoke, i heard that exact song playing in the background in the mall!

Another thing, I sang You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson, even though i rarely listen to it and don’t know the words. Then in the car driving home, I heard the radio announcer said that today is the anniversary of his death!! Seriously, i’m not kidding. I never knew the exact date of his death. How will i know to choose his song to sing?

Mind blown.

vacation to pahang

I’ve been procrastinating, I know   🙂

I had been really lazy to write these days.

Last week i spent my days at my friend’s house in Raub, Pahang. She manages the dialysis centre and her house is upstairs! I finally got myself here by driving a long and winding road known as the Karak highway. I’ve never been at this part of Malaysia. I also haven’t experience driving at hilly roads. Yeah definitely my life last week has been full of first times.

I arrived here Monday night, and we go and have dinner and then shop for things to eat. There’s this supermarket that has very cheap products. I saw my father’s fave coffee and it was so much cheaper than in KL. So I plan to go there again to buy like 3 of them.


Then the next day, Tuesday, we went to Fraser’s Hill. We both woke up late and we had breakfast at 10.30am. The trip to the top took one hour! The road is steep and bendy and goes on forever. I was warned that I may throw up. I was concerned but alas, I did not. Maybe Dee’s skillful driving and Mika’s cheerful CD helped. Or maybe I just did not get affected by land transport. We arrived at the top by 12 PM.


We walked…wind was so hard but the sun is shining so bright. Plus the wind is so chilly too. It’s is like blasting the aircond as low as you can go. I’ve never felt a day like this before.


We found a nice spot to eat or food. That place is great but the wind is especially strong and at times, scary. Next time we go there, we can do some bbq coz there is a place to cook bbq there. I got to hear the Rempit Bird ‘chirp’ like a biker revving up his engine! I was so amused. But sadly I didn’t manage to record the sound.



Walked around till 3pm. I was so exhausted! It’s been some time since I move about and exercise, so I am definitely out of shape. Had goreng pisang to chill down then we head home. We talked about buying an apartment there so that we can experience Frasers hill everyday. Talked about writing stories and books.


Had ideas for ghost story on the Maxwell trail. The Maxwell trail is so scary looking because the entrance so steep and looks so challenging. We also joked about yelling ORANG BATI because of the NatGeo show we watched the other night. But instead of yelling ORANG BATI!! we could yell GEORGE MAXWELL!!! that joke was so funny.. i should write that idea down somewhere!

On Tuesday, nothing much happened. just accompanying dee to run some errands at the bank. then we went for late lunch at a stall along a road. I ate rice with gulai kawah which I haven’t ate in a really long time. It was satisfying for me. At night we ate our snacks. I discovered i had sunburned myself the next morning while showering. I noticed redness on my forearms and wondered why it felt itchy. Then i realized it was sunburn from walking around Fraser’s hill in the afternoon sun. It felt so cold that i didn’t notice the sun was burning my skin!

Wednesday: We went to Pulau Chekas in Ulu Dong. We ate breakfast first. Then we went ahead. The place is not really an island (pulau), but just a river which has a land mass in the center. I wasn’t prepared for swimming in rivers coz im a scaredy cat.


Maybe next time. But the place was nice. I got intimidated at the big rocks area which the water went fast and violent. but there is a place which is shallow and serene. Next time if i ever go there again I wanna get my feet in the water. We didn’t do that because the sun was too hot. We have to go there early in the morning to enjoy the place more.

The rest of the days we didn’t go anywhere special. Just living together, going to run errands, eating, playing games, watching movies…it was fun having a friend to do things together.  I find that the times goes by so quickly! Before i knew it, it was Sunday already, and I had to leave…

I was sad to leave my friend behind. I wish I could go visit her there again in the future. See you this weekend for our secret project!

p/s: before i head home, i actually went back to TF value mart and bought my dad FOUR packets of coffee! he likes it and im happy i could find his coffee for cheap. the drive home was challenging and i was grateful that i didn’t get lost and reached home in EXACTLY two hours!

pps: looky here, my piano’s twin is here. this is not planned, it is destiny!


Above: dee’s. Below: mine.


back home from faraway

Yes I am home. After spending one week with my best friend in Raub, I kinda dread coming home. Upon arriving here after a challenging 2 hour drive, I already feel the loneliness. Compared to Raub, this place is hazy and smokey and also hot. And I cleaned my bathroom to take my mind off the lonely feeling in my head. That’s very rare of me!


Anyway, Im back to being home alone tomorrow. I have to wear a mask to go outside. Maybe I’ll go somewhere cool and closed up like a mall.


Also I’ll be writing something about my trip tomorrow. Maybe with pictures (yes!!!)


I’m too lazy and down tonight 😦


I don’t normally blog on weekends. For me, weekends are for staying home with the parents. Which means…boring. There’s nothing interesting happening. Just hanging in front of the tv. And mom likes to cook at home instead of eating out. I feel so depressed just writing about this!

BTW, tomorrow i will be following Dee to Raub! Wish me luck driving long distance!


I woke up really early, because last night i sorta passed out on the bed at 11.30pm and didn’t even turn out the light. I guess i was kinda tired yesterday. I went out again, this time at Paradigm Mall. I went there the first time with my bro, and we really don’t like it coz there are so little people there. So yesterday I decided to give it another chance, without my brother. He had to go to Melaka to get his SPM certificate at his former school. So, I don’t wanna sit at home alone.

And the mall was actually pretty good. I explored every floor, and the upper floors contain cool shops and not just fashion related (which i hate just coz theres nothing that fits me).



Last night I told my mom that I wanted to go to Raub next week. I thought she would understand it this time. But she hesitated. See this is why i hate asking for permission from my parents. I always knew what their reactions would be, and I couldnt be bothered to ask anymore. This time i was like “well just ask, blurt out that you want to go, theres no harm in trying”. But when i said it, she asked what for. I just wanna visit my friend, do I need a reason to visit her? and now she was like “i have to tell your dad about it first”. I just felt like just packing my things and leave quietly. I am not a child anymore. im freaking 26 years old. Many of my friends are married and some became parents already. At my age!


I thought she would be cool with it by now. I really do. One time, she even encouraged me to apply for a job in JB. I thought she would be fine living alone without me. Now apparently she is not fine with living alone. This is why I felt like i can never leave this house. I care about her feelings too. I was afraid she would be lonely at night when she came home from work. and no one will cook dinner for her. no hot food waiting for her on the table. so i wonder how she’ll do when im gone.


so now i have to wait til my dad comes home on saturday so that mom could inform him about my trip. and just wait for the barrage of questions from him. obviously they still don’t trust me all these years that I’ve lived.


sorry about the rant. you could really tell that i have parents issues. well, i think i will still go whether they like it or not. i really need a break from this house.

My brain was haywired

I grabbed this iPad to search for something on the net or youtube, but now, fot the life of me, i could not remember what it is. Something is really wrong with my brain lately. This made me worry for my mental health. Im getting old, but i dont want to be senile!


After trying to remember what i wanna search, but failed miserably, i decided to write something in my blog. Today, me and my partner in crime (my lil bro) went to Bangsar to check out the famous Sri Nirwana banana leaf rice restaurant. I have never explored that side of the woods in my life. I was always scared to wander there alone without company, so its time to take advantage of my brother holiday to go there together.

I woke up very early in the morning, something that i never do since i was unemployed. I was excited and got ready right away. We reached the Bangsar at around 10.30 am! I researched about the restaurant from looking at foodies’ blogs and they said parking is a hassle around the shop, so we parked the car at Bangsar Village II, then just walked across the street to the restaurant. Yes, it is right in front of the mall! Very convinient.

We reached there, and the place was empty. We were hesitant because in reviews, they said this restaurant is always full. Maybe we were too early, we thought and just walked in the shop. We sat down and we were lucky that they served the banana leaf rice that early! So we just ordered our food. Overall, we were sTisfied, but didnt really get what the fuss is all about. For me, the taste is great, but i think there are other mamak places that has tastier food and for much cheaper. Our bill came up to rm46 for 2 pax! I think it was not worth the price. My bros friend told him that its the banana leaf that makes it expensive. Very non logical if you ask me!

So after eating, we went inside Bangsar village and looked around the shops. The mall is on the fancier side, which is not relly our taste, so we went to another place. My bro was looking for an xbox game called Alan Wake, and he said there is a shop in eCurve Damansara that sells xbox original games. So we went there. We got a bit lost while attempting to leave Bangsar to get into Damansara. But we pull through and found federal highway. From there it was smooth sailing (except for traffic jams along the way). I am quite versed with roads in Pj area and along the LDP.

At ecurve, we found out the shop had closed! So disappointed. There was another shop that sells original games, but we searched the game and they didnt have it. The shopkeeper said that it is an old game and they discontinued it. What a let down. Then, bro wanted to buy an fm modulator thingy. We went to Mr DIY to look around, and we bought extension plug and a cutlery container for the kitchen sink. We went home after that.

Fuh..what a journey today. After all that, we arrived home at 3.00pm sharp! I always feel good if i could finish my errands before late evening. All in all, i had fun. I even wear full makeup today…haha. But i wouldnt dare wearing my red lipstain i bought from sephora yesterday, it was too bold! I wonder when will be the right time and place to rock that color…

Ah, i forgot to say, when driving down the road at Bangsar, i remembered the time when Dee and I went there to go to Maybank Investment office to register for investing account. I remembered her showing me around the Bangsar area where she had lived as a child. Funny that i couldnt remember the routes that she took. That is because i was the passenger. I have found that, if you are driving, you could remember the routes that you have took before. If you were just the passenger, your brain will be just blur when trying to remember the way!

Well, thats all for today. I’ll see you tomorrow!

Went to KLCC today with the brother. Ate Curry Mee as usual, our favorite at KLCC food court. And we went to Kinokuniya for books. Bro couldn’t find his book and we browse other books and ended up buying 3 books. He found a book about The Smiths which we bought because we got so excited. I bought a book on psychology stuff as I love the subject. And he bought a novel, which I don’t know if he’s gonna read it or not (he is not an avid reader). Then we went to Starbucks to drink something and to rest our legs. Then I went to Sephora to check out NYX makeup and I bought a red lip stain by Sephora brand. I quite like it and it stays matte but it is quite drying to the lips.


thats all for the day, we went home after that. my brother has only one week left of his holidays. We should go to Bangsar next.

Weird dream

So yesterday i had a really strange dream. I was giving birth! Wtf right?

Yes i was on a bed, alone, and i pushed out a baby. I held it in my arms and it didn’t cry. I remember panicking, and lightly smacking its back to make it cry. It didn’t cry, but it was breathing normally, so i wasn’t worried anymore. Then i went to my mom and asked her for help with the cord. She was shocked (as anyone should be) but she cut the cord anyway without much question.

What does this dream means? It is So bizarre!

The funny thing is, it made me think about babies a lot today. Looking at strangers’ babies, noticing babies on tv. I am going out of my mind. Maybe my subconscious is reminding me that my time is ticking and i should get married and have babies already? I dunno.

Lol i even googled ‘water birth in malaysia’. Whyyyyy? 😥

Didnt last long

Well my feud with teh brother did not last long at all. Within the few hours, we had uttered several words to each other, and by the next day we carried conversations. This is the definition of blood is thicker than water or ‘air dicincang takkan putus’